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Tiffany's Sugar Bear Hair Review

Tiffany is a real customer and these are her honest reviews!

polishesattiffany's sugarbearhair review

Here are some of the things Tiffany had to say about her SugarBearHair journey: 


Hi everyone! It has certainly been a while since I really blogged. I thought I make my comeback by reviewing a product that is different than my usual blog posts. This product has been receiving a lot of attention and curiosity on social media. I am going to talk about Sugar Bear Hair vitamins! I have been noticing my hair has not been growing back from my haircut I had back in September.

I came across these vitamins around February, I saw a post of someone posing with the bottle and I found the Instagram page. I then did a bit of research. The product is still fairly new so, it was not easy finding reviews but I did find some reviews from other bloggers, YouTube, Instagram, and the website reviews itself. It was around March I ordered and started my Sugar Bear Hair journey. 

Sugar Bear Hair vitamins are chewable gummy vitamins that are gluten free, gelatin free, soy free, as well as cruelty free and vegetarian friendly. They have more than just biotin to help promote healthy hair. It also contains coconut oil and blue dye. If allergic to these ingredients, then I do not recommend using. I do recommend taking a look at their website under their Ingredients section for the full list of vitamins and ingredients. They explain further on the vitamins and what each one is good for in helping your hair, skin, and nails. 

The vitamins are chewy like gummy fruit snacks and taste like berries. Each bottle comes with 60 gummies and you are only to take 2 each day. It does not matter at what time, you can take them together or separately and before or after eating.

They are recommended for ages 13 and older. I would suggest asking your doctor or child's pediatrician if they can take these if under the age limit as well as if you are pregnant and/or breast feeding.

What I like about these are they smell so good, they do not have a chalky taste at all or have a weird after taste. They are very smooth to take. 

The photo collage below is some of the stages my hair has gone through. July 20, 2015 was before I cut my hair. It was very long with split ends, dried out and frizzy from too much heat and from using hot flat irons. October 9, 2015 was a month after I had cut my hair. I had about 10in cut off and donated the lock to an organization who helps make wigs for children with hair loss. I had wanted to give my hair a new start to re-grow but unfortunately I went through a loss of my cat who was battling Leukemia and a breakup that caused me great sadness and a ton of stress. It showed in my hair because it had not grown much for months and I had a ton of hair fall. I think it was around February I heard of Sugar Bear Hair and came across their Instagram page. I purchased my 1 month bottle to try it out and see how I would like it and got it within a week in March. March 12 I took my before photo showing how droopy and not so spiraled my curls became. March 18 I saw improvement to the volume, curl formation and shine of my hair. I did start to only use coconut oil and take in more water to help prevent breakouts from the biotin. For washing products, I only have been using Curly Wurly shampoo and American Cream conditioner from Lush. I am currently using Argan oil since it can absorb into the scalp where as coconut oil just sits on the scalp. 

I was so happy with the improvement to my hair, I ordered a 2nd bottle and wanted to show what my hair looks like when straightened so you can see just how long it has gotten from when i had cut my hair. April 19, 2015 was a few months before I had my hair cut. You may be able to see how dry and frizzy it was from constantly using my flat iron. September 12, 2015 was the day I had my hair cut. It was just touching my shoulders when straightened. March 17, 2016 was 5 days into taking the vitamins. My hair did grow a bit on its own but, my issue was all the hair fall I had was preventing it from growing any further. April 15, 2016 it grew another 1/2in. 

Click to see the photo of my hair fall I saved from when I would wash and comb my hair. You may notice white bits in the hair ball, that is just shredded coconut from my Lush Curly Wurly shampoo. It is made with real coconut pieces and coconut oil; which is great for curls! It comes out as you condition, comb and rinse your hair. Anyway, From left to right My hair fall has shrunken since using Sugar Bear Hair. 2 weeks was prior to using the vitamins as well as 1 week. The 3rd hair ball was 7 days taking the vitamins and I waited till I was 17 days in to show another because I didn't want to save so many hair balls! Look how much smaller it is! I have never seen my hair fall have such a reduction in all my years! It is truly amazing to me. 

Part 2

Hey everyone! I have updated photos of my continued use of taking Sugar Bear Hair.

Just a little recap to my hair before, I provided below photos of my hair when it had been a month after I cut my hair in October 2015, and what it looked like 5 months later in March 2016. This was before I was taking Sugar Bear Hair, before I even heard of the brand. My hair had very little growth all on its own. This was not normal for my hair to slow its growth to a point where there was not much of a change in 5 months passing. My sister was the one to point it out to me that my hair looked the same length for a while. It was clear to me that there needed to be a change to my routine and vitamins had to be added. 

The next photo shows my 5 month progress taking Sugar Bear Hair vitamins. As you can see, I got more noticeable results taking the vitamins versus not taking them.With the vitamins I also noticed less hair falling out in the shower or when brushing, more volume, and definitely more hair growth. For shine, I have been using jojoba oil and Renpure: Coconut Whipped Creme leave in conditioner.  

Last photo is a comparison of my hair length from July 2, 2016 to March 6, 2017. I am very pleased with my hair's improvement. I have not just solely relied on the vitamins to help my hair to grow. I try my best to drink more water, wash my hair in cool or warm water, give my hair massages when washing, and not wear it up or in tight hair styles too often. Do remember, everyone's hair and body is different and will react differently and experience different results.These are my personal results and my real hair in its natural state. 

Remember to be kind to your hair and it will show a difference in health. Have a great week everyone!

Thank you for a great review Tiffany

If you would like to read both of Tifanny's reviews in full, you can find them on her blog Polishes at Tiffany's.